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Posted by on Nov 9, 2009 in Publications | 0 comments

SECOND ISSUE OF Costume Journal 2009 OUT AT THE AGM, NOV. 2008

Outstanding content came with Vol. 38 Number 2 of the Costume Journal, received by all CSO members late November. News of exhibitions and events, feature articles, member profile, event and book reviews, plus resources lists—much to interest the costume and textile enthusiast. Take out a membership and receive the Journal issues and CSO News sheets as well as a Membership Directory each year. See Membership page. One special item of news in the Fall issue was the publication of CSO’s first wall calendar, and it is not too far into the year to pick this up!  Each month an original fashion print is shown, the earliest from 1770, the latest 1880, with commentary by Sarah Walker.  The prints are in the colours of the originals, inks added by colourists working with the printers, since techniques did not allow colour printing. The calendar opens to 17″ long by 11″ wide, with poster stock paper, and coil-bound pages—a delightful, high quality costume addition to your year. Proceeds go directly to support...

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First CSO News for 2009 has been mailed out

Your CSO Editor, Suzanne McLean, has sent out the first CSO News issue for 2009. It has news and information on a variety of events of interest to CSO members, plus a listing of the Executive Committee for the coming year. If you are interested in costume, look at our Publications and Membership pages on this site,and join CSO to receive the substantial issues of Costume Journal that will come out late Spring and Fall, as well as other single sheet issues of CSO News, and a most helpful Membership Directory. One news item has been entered in detail  on our Links page: the Podcast from Bata Shoe Museum on a Shoe of the Month. Read more on the Links page, with a live link to the Bata website....

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The first issue of the Costume Journal for 2008 carries an extraordinary Fashion and Historic Costume Resource List! The text (sharing space with some photos) covers nearly 17 of the total 36 inside pages of this largest issue ever; that makes this record a very comprehensive list of fashion resources throughout Canada, plus many more resources, including internationally. The list was compiled as a reference tool for a special Fashion Issue (issue 38) of the literary magazine Descant in the spring of 2007, and is reprinted in this Costume Journal. The extensive compilation is the work of Barbara Rice (Registration Coordinator, the ROM (also CSO Vice Chair), and Suzanne McLean, Collections Manager, the Bata Shoe Museum (also CSO Publications Coordinator and editor of the Costume Journal). Descant is a quarterly journal of international acclaim which publishes the work of a wide variety of writers and visual artists, with some special issues with a single focus, Issue 38 focused on the theme of Fashion, leading readers into understanding fashion from...

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This is just an introduction to conveying what a substantial, satisfying and interesting issue of the Costume Journal has gone out to CSO members! This is the largest ever, with 36 inside pages and colour photos inside front and back covers. Along with it went the 2008 Membership Directory, a valuable link to many widespread members from diverse backgrounds but sharing an interest in costume, with their other specialties also listed. For those who are not members, more details and samples from Vol. 38 #1 will be posted here and on our Events page very soon . However, take note that you can enjoy all the contents plus the Directory if you take out a membership! The second and final Costume Journal will not be along until November, with brief flyers and/or NEWS sheets between. Check the Events page regarding CSO events, and some that may be of interest from other groups. There is an extensive listing (several pages) of such events in the Costume Journal...

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January 2008 CSO NEWS sheet received by members.

CSO members received a January 2008 NEWS sheet, with an outline of CSO events in the planning, a short Calendar of Exhibitions and Events of interest to costume lovers, and a listing of the volunteer management team that makes up the CSO Executive Committee: its officers, Committee Coordinators and Resource Committee members, a number new this year.More details regarding CSO Events can be found on the Events page, with additions as information comes in. CSO publications this year will be two substantial issues of the Costume Journal. Vol. 38 No. 1 goes out usually in March. See Publications page for more detail. There will gradually be more items and images from previous issues of the Costume Journal. It is not too late to become a member for this year, and you would be sent the January CSO NEWS sheet as well as all that will follow. See Membership page for procedure. ********************************************************* There is another page up on the website: Clothing Quirks. We are working on our Links page....

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