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Posted by on Jan 12, 2008 in Publications | 0 comments

January 2008 CSO NEWS

The January CSO NEWS sheet was sent to members, and would be included in the package of any taking out membership for 2008 now (see Membership page for details). If interested, or renewing, act now, to receive the first Costume Journal of the year, one of two sizeable issues planned, to be mailed early in May. This one is the biggest yet, with events listing, solid articles, book reviews, resources—all the features that make this an important advantage of CSO...

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Posted by on Nov 12, 2007 in Publications | 0 comments


Your Editor, Suzanne McLean delivered another bumper copy of the Costume Journal, Volume 37 Number 3, before the Annual General Meeting November 2007, again with colour photos on front and back covers, and this time, 20 pages of great information and interest. We plan to transfer some of its highlights to this website. In the meantime, below is one of the many colour illustrations in the Vol. 37, Number 2 issue of the Costume Journal. It shows a page from Jonathan Walford’ s book Ready To Tear, on paper clothing. There was a Profile of Jonathan in that issue, tracing his life from a family immersed in fashion to becoming a collector of antique clothing, then to doing fashion shows and lectures in the Vancouver area while attending Simon Fraser University. In Toronto, Jonathan was curator at the Bata Shoe Museum, but is now a freelancer with his partner Kenn Norman in Kickshaw Productions, setting up exhibitions or travelling museum collections. They are also now working to create The...

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